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Plano Property Management Companies can tell you about your rights as a renter to avoid a dispute with landlordsAs we slowly transform into a renter nation, it is only to be expected that more and more tenants will have disputes with their landlords. A dispute with a landlord or property management in Plano is never easy for anyone involved. For the renter, emotions can easily cloud their judgment. For the property management in Plano, the solution that is in the best interest of the tenant is not always economically viable. If you live in Plano rentals, one of the easiest ways to resolve disputes with Plano property management companies is to know your rights as a renter. Here are a few:


  • Know your lease. A lease or rental agreement serves as an important source of information for those living in a Dallas house rental. The first step to avoiding a dispute with one of the Dallas County property management companies is to read your lease thoroughly before you sign it. If there are any clauses in your lease that you wish to change, have the landlord draw up a new lease.

  • Quiet enjoyment. As a Texan living in a Dallas house rental, you are entitled to the 'quiet enjoyment' of your property. This means that Plano property management companies cannot evict tenants without a valid reason or otherwise disturb them. If a tenant in another one of the Plano rentals is disturbing you, contact your landlord. Dallas County property management companies are required to take steps to ensure you are protected from the wrongful behavior of others.

  • Security. Texas law requires that all rental property be adequately equipped with necessary safety measures. These include door locks, window latches, deadbolts, and peep holes. If the necessary safety equipment is missing from your rental property, the landlord or property management company must install it at their own expense.

  • Health and Safety. Under Texas law, a property management company must provide a dwelling that is fit to live in. In legal terms, it is called an Implied Warranty of Habitability. This means that you have the right to request the immediate repair of any issue that affects your health. However, a landlord is not required to repair any condition that is the result of negligence on the part of the tenant.


If you become involved in a dispute with your landlord or property management company, it is important that you keep the lines of communication open. As a tenant, you have the right to request your landlord make the necessary repairs by filing suit, making them yourself and deducting them from your rent or ending your lease.


One of the easiest ways to avoid a dispute with your landlord is by choosing to work with a professional and qualified property management company like OneProp DFW. If you've experienced strenuous tenant-landlord relationships in the past, call a OneProp DFW property manager today and experience the difference a professional property management company can make.








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